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2018 Season’s Bleatings

The goats tuck into their first treeSo rich in vitamin C and great for our breath!

At the start of the new year we asked people through our Twitter and Facebook accounts to bring their real Christmas trees to the farm to feed to some of our animals. We were, and remain absolutely astounded at the phenomenal reaction to the posts. We reached record-breaking amounts of people on social media and received a small mountain of trees in response.

We would like to say a gigantic thank you to everyone who liked, shared, retweeted and generally spread the word on our behalf. You’ve warmed our hearts, raised awareness on recycling and most importantly made our goats the happiest in London, possibly the world! 

We received 30 fresh trees, free of chemicals or preservatives, almost all of which are in great condition thanks to people keeping them in water and/or away from radiators. Here are some of the benefits for the goats and farm:

  • By sawing a small slice off the base of the trunk, submerging them into water again and keeping them outside, we are keeping as many of them as we can in as fresh a state as possible
  • The goats will eat the needles, branches and bark from the trunks too, even as they dry
  • Our chickens love to hoover up any stray needles
  • They are rich in vitamin C and are a natural de-wormer for the goats
  • We are feeding the branches to them gradually as they are a new addition to their diet and as a ruminant, their stomachs need a little time to adjust to a new food
  • Any bits that the goats don’t eat will be chipped and used for animal bedding and mulching the gardens
  • Any trunks that are left intact will be stored and dried and made into Christmas decorations at the end of the year
  • They give the goats lovely pine fresh breath!

Young Farmers helped unload the treesYoung volunteers helped unload the trees 

Thank you all so much!