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Green plans for the farm

City Farm horse Hey, we’re Going Green!


Recently we have undertaken some work to understand and manage our environmental impact. To begin this process, we had a City Bridge Trust funded environmental audit, which has helped us to understand the full impact of our organisation on the environment. As a result of his audit, we are looking at lots of ways to save energy, including:

  • Working with Power Up North London to explore putting solar panels onto the stable roofs, which will generate two-thirds of our electricity.
  • Working out how to change people’s behaviour to increase recycling and decrease electricity usage.
  • Planning workshops to encourage local people to reduce their energy usage, and to help older people with fuel poverty issues.

We have already installed advanced heating controls that are saving 20% of our overall gas bill.

We have also joined the Camden Climate Change Alliance, which helps of hundreds of Camden organisations to access resources and know-how to reduce our environmental impact and costs. Recently we were awarded their Going Green mark, in recognition of our work so far in making a positive impact on our environment.


CCCA Award Certificate