Murphy’s Yard Development

The proposed major development at Murphy’s Yard will involve substantial high-rise buildings to the northeast of the farm.

View from the horse arena at the farm.

Close to the horse arena, just across the railway tracks, these tall blocks will have a major impact on the look and vibe of our tranquil haven and affect how we can serve beneficiaries of the farm. 

You can have your say by objecting to, or being supportive, of the scheme and below we’ve provided links and all the information you need including where to object, how the farm has objected and how others in our community feel about the project. You’ll also be able to read the objections of others on the planning page.

How to have your say

Follow this link to comment on the planning application.

Further guidance is given below.

View from the farm gates.

Murphy’s Yard Development

How to comment

Use this link to make your comments now, or follow our step-by-step guide laid out below.

Step by step Instructions

This is how it impacts the farm

Step by step Instructions

Search “Camden planning search”

You will get this page

Scroll down the page and insert reference 2021/3225/P as shown in yellow below. Then scroll down further and click on the blue SEARCH button

It will take you to this – click on the reference number.

You will then get this. Click on add comments here.

You will then get to this page. Write your comments in the box. See later for suggested wording.

When finished scroll down and fill in your details and make sure you clarify the nature of your comment in the dropdown menu (e.g. if it is an objection select objection).

Then Press Submit

This is how it impacts the farm

These are the things we are concerned about:

  • Overlooking,
  • Size and bulk not in keeping with the neighbourhood,
  • Overdevelopment
  • Wind effects caused by towers
  • Detrimental effect on enjoyment of the Farm

Here’s a link to a summary by Dartmouth Park neighbours’ group

Here is the text of the farm’s objection.


The proposed development would have a significant detrimental impact on the farm, our visitors, and users. Our 4-acre site is nestled between railway lines and local authority housing. There are no tall buildings around the site so as you walk through the gate you get a view of the vast sky and are transported to an oasis in the city.

The farm is well loved by local people. For some it’s a rare opportunity to connect with nature, for others we offer practical skills development and routes into training.  In the pandemic our essential role in supporting people’s mental health really came to the fore and we have developed partnerships with local providers to develop our therapeutic and mediative activities. Our beneficiaries include people with disabilities, young people, older people, families. It’s free to visit and everyone is welcome. 

We are very concerned that the proposed development of Murphy’s Yard would have direct long-term impact on people’s enjoyment of the farm. The size and bulk of the development is not in keeping with the neighbourhood. Beyond the impact to our human friends the building work is likely to affect the wellbeing of our animal residents and the proposed towers will fundamentally change the environment around the farm, impacting on the wind and therefore wildlife we are currently home to.

Further to the practical challenges, the design of the towers is incredibly insensitive to the class divide in our community and the assertion that the design is ‘beneficial’ alongside the view from the farm gates demonstrates a complete lack of understanding. The towers are a physical representation of the divide in our community, with tenants and residents of these new flats literally looking down on the people of Gospel Oak.

‘Views of the city farm’ will clearly be a selling point for these apartments. It is a great irony that if built they will change so much of what makes the farm so special. 

Eira Gibson, Farm Director, Feb 22