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Under 5s Garden Explorers activity for local families

Since our beginning in 1972, it has been the collective spirit of goodwill and generosity of many volunteers and contributors that has allowed us to offer a variety of educational and therapeutic opportunities to children, adults with special needs, local community groups and anyone stressed by city life. Please consider supporting our much-valued community project to enable us to continue being a support and therapeutic haven for inner city children and those who need us most.

Here are some of ways you can help support the farm and our services:

Shop to make a difference

Inner city teenagers in our Young Farmers Project with chickens
KTCF’s Young Farmers Project

Co-op Member shoppers are supporting KTCF’s Young Farmers Project. Co-op will donate 2p to the Farm’s programmes for young people for every £1 members spend at the following locations:

  • Co-op Kentish Town High Street
  • Co-op Fortess Road
  • Co-op Caledonian Road, Islington
  • Co-op Petrol Caledonian
  • Co-op Funeralcare, Kentish Town

Find out more about how Co-op Membership shopping and how it can help our work with young people at Co-op Member Causes

Please join, shop and help!

Co-op Farm support scheme

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