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Saturday pony rides

Young Farmers Club

A great way to develop skills & confidence

  • Young Farmer holding goat
  • Practicing walking the goats in the arena
  • 2 young farmers with prize winning goat kid
  • Young Farmers on the yard with 3 geese
  • Young Farmer meeting a goat
  • Young Farmer riding Champion
  • Young Farmer with pony Jester

The farm runs a popular Young Farmer Club for children aged 8 to 16 years who are resident in Camden. This is a unique opportunity for children to gain hands on experience of animal care and a better understanding of nature and the environment.

Children will benefit from being in the open air and physically active around the farm. Young Farmers help out with the animals at weekends and learn to take on the responsibilities and challenges that animals can sometimes present!

There are also opportunities to take part in many activities and events throughout the year and Young Farmers play a big part in supporting our annual Seasonal Festivals. KTCF Young Farmers club is a great way to develop social and practical skills and make friends along the way.

Special Opportunities

Prize winning Farm chickens and handlers at the London Harvest Festival
KTCF winners at London Harvest Festival

Young Farmers have the opportunity to participate and represent the Farm in the annual London Harvest Festival. It’s a chance to show their knowledge and animal handling skills as well as strength and strategy on the tug-of-war team!

Weekend Schedule

Young Farmers Club runs Saturdays and Sundays from 9:30 – 11:30am. To book your place please go to our bookings page.

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